Reason and Rhyme

// Verse
Just let me sleep in
My body's freezing

Is it a reason or is it a rhyme
If you were half of the trouble
You'd be still worth the time

I'm not him, honest
Can't hold a promise

Break out of the cycle
That brought you your glow
Come hold me tight
I know you love me
More than you know

Show me
Is it bleeding?

The heal you've always needed
Breathing next to me

Show me
Where you're hurting

I can feel you breathing next to me

//Verse 2
I'm at the bottom of the ocean
Cooling off for you
Now rising tides can hide my teenage crimes
Till I've paid what is due

Now start all over
Restart your motor

This isn't your fight but
I can't reach you now
When you were half as worthy
I was four times as proud

I pick my battles
With bitter rivals

To keep on me on edge while I build up the spine
To drop the act and show you that I'm sorry inside

// Chorus

// Bridge
Slingshot wound tight I'm a hair from snapping turtle down and show me where your money's at
Show me where it's at
Show me where it's at

Those quiet nights and hold-me-tights were quite an ocean more than I deserved
More than I deserve
(Show me your money's at)
More than I deserve