// Verse 1
The summer one is out there
Fading away
Never said goodbye
But at least I got his name

Shadowless and freeform
I'm still hooked and nothing's gonna
Take that away from me

Come haunt with me
Ease your anxiety
Your paranormality's okay with me

Come haunt with me
And we can talk about
The things you never had words for and didn't think about

// Chorus
Someone to make it seem so easy to feel alone
Someone to take the blame when blaming is your whole world
Then all of a sudden
Your bulb is blazing
Your motivation and your will to fight
More than a shoulder to wail on
Just what you need to make it through the night

// Verse 2
They told me I'd bring secrets to the grave
Not this bitter crave
The reason I can't pass away

I never knew your heart beat
Never knew your song
Here with you, heaven on Earth, that's where I belong

// Pre Chorus
Come haunt with me
Revisit our childhood
If I could predict broken hearts then I would

Come haunt with me
I know it's not your fault You've got a
Life left you're still blessed
With a new friend after all

// Bridge
Well a lifetime ain't that bad
I'll lead you back home

Well a lifetime ain't that bad
I'll lead you back home

// Chorus