Now I'll sing for you baby
The right way out is just up ahead
I'll show you
Don't you worry
Your pretty little head

Oh I've got a lot of neat things
Compasses and trinkets
and a storybook that has room for more chapters

So lock your fronds in with mine
because we're gonna be friends for a pretty long time
and you don't have a choice here

Now I'll sing for you baby
The right way out is just one more climb
We'll make it
If you stumble just put your hand in mine

If I divide my time
I'll be back monday, so will you be here?

I'm fighting hard just to see you
Make it happen again

Spend every night in a different bed
and in the morning you bet I'll drag you
Outside where we live our lives

Shooting stars on my mind
I remember the night when they all aligned
I held you close
and said I knew that we'd make it

And there was that time when you accidentally blinded me
but I could see through one eye
I would have settled for that

This could be the next big adventure

You don't have to worry
We're slowing down
But wasn't it exciting

And when the sun changes colors
That's all for you
Cause that's our ending

Aren't we like everyone else?
Creatures of four elements
and the world has its borders
That you and I don't abide by

So if you want a little more spice
or a little more pep
then we can both set sail
I think I'll settle for that