A Little Longer

//Verse 1
There's a will
There's a way
I know it's growing dimmer but
Just give it time to glow

Leap of faith
Change of heart
I know you've got some awful charm
And it's starting to show

Everything lines up now
Stay a little longer
If the light goes out then I'll
Stay a little longer
Stay a little longer
Stay a little longer
Focus on the bad thoughts
Just for a reminder

Promise me you're in it
Promise you're committed
Crazy how your world can come
Crashing down in minutes

Tonight I might not be coming home
And I'm getting used to being on my own

I wonder if I'm hated
I'm the one who made it
Somewhere else I didn't, though-
Somewhere else I faded

Stay a little longer
Stay a little longer
Focus on a memory
That keeps you feeling stronger

//Verse 2
Things are looking up
But the pressure keeps me down
It's the weight of my own words
That are drowning me slowly

A spark is all it takes
But the light won't go
Where have the colors gone?
My world is moving so slow

Sleight of hand
Out of sight
I know I've got some awful secrets
That you're dying to know